Amersham Town Mayor


Town Mayor for 2018-2019 – Councillor Caroline Jones

Deputy Town Mayor for 2018-2019 – Councillor Mark Flys


Mayor & Deputy Mayor 2018-2019

Councillor Caroline Jones, Mayor of Amersham and Councillor Mark Flys, Deputy Town Mayor at the Annual Statutory Meeting of the Town Council in May 2018.


Mayor of Amersham 2018-2019 – Councillor Caroline Jones 

The new Mayor of Amersham is Councillor Caroline Jones, who was originally elected to serve as an Amersham Town Councillor in 2015. When accepting the role of Mayor of Amersham, Councillor Caroline Jones outlined her priorities amongst which is to ensure that Amersham has a strong sustainable and economic focus and continues to flourish for its residents and visitors alike.

The role of Town Mayor is acknowledged as one of great importance and responsibility and as well as attending and supporting various functions on behalf of Amersham Town Council, Cllr. Caroline Jones has a role on a number of Council and Community committees. She is also committed to the work of the Bensheim Friendship Group –  maintaining and building on our already excellent relationship with our Twin town in Germany.

Caroline will work tirelessly to continue to promote Amersham as a Centre of Excellence for Business, Local Communities, Organisations and the residents of Amersham. Communication will remain a key priority and residents and businesses alike are welcome to contact her at the Council to discuss issues or suggestions for the Council to consider. A value for money and high quality service from the Town Council will continue to underpin her work and that of the Council.


Mayor’s Chosen Charity for 2018-2019: St. Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital

Recognising local concerns and her own concern at maintaining our wonderful environment for now and future generations, Councillor Caroline Jones has chosen St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital as her Mayoral charity this year.

Caroline said “Wildlife and nature in all forms are a huge passion of mine and I feel very strongly in protecting and preserving them. St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital is set in the heart of the Chilterns and is a fantastic charity providing support, welfare and rehabilitation for all different types of wildlife who might need their help and assistance.  Last year, over 100 animals of all types from Amersham were taken there plus countless others found around our area.   St Tiggywinkles survives solely on the generosity of donations from members of the Public and I aim to use my role as Amersham Town Mayor to positively promote their work and the wonderful charity in both Amersham and the local community”

To find out more about the work of Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital, why not visit their website at


To Contact the Mayor:

If you would like to get in touch with the Mayor or perhaps you are hosting an event and would like to invite the Mayor to attend, please contact the Town Council Office on 01494 434000 or via email