Community Services Committee

Community Services Committee Members

  • Councillor J. Barnes (Chair)
  • Councillor M. Flys (Vice Chair)
  • Councillor R. Dineley
  • Councillor V. Head
  • Councillor C. Jones
  • Councillor J. Keeler
  • Councillor H. Maitland-Jones
  • Councillor D. Pinkney
  • Councillor S. Scott-James
  • Councillor A. Seymour

The Community Services Committee looks after all the major facilities, Civic events and special Community projects in Amersham. The facilities include ongoing care of the playgrounds; sports fields; allotments and cemeteries. The Civic events include the regular Band Concerts; Arts Festival; Heritage Day; Christmas Carol Service and the all year round Amersham in Bloom. This Committee works closely with Community Groups around Amersham.

Members on this Committee make up the following Sub Committees:

  • Amersham in Bloom Group
  • Heritage Day Sub Committee
  • Christmas Sub Committee (Christmas Lights and Carol Service)

Amersham Festival of Art also reports to this Committee.