Finance & General Purposes Committee

Finance & General Purposes Committee Members

  • Councillor D. Pinkney (Chair)
  • Councillor P. Milliner (Vice Chair)
  • Councillor J. Barnes
  • Councillor M. Dormer
  • Councillor M. Flys
  • Councillor V. Head
  • Councillor C. Jones
  • Councillor A. Lamont
  • Councillor M. Roberts
  • Councillor S. Woodhead

The Finance & General Purposes Committee debates the major projects and expenditure of the Council. The Committee monitors the spending throughout the year with special attention to setting the budget in the autumn and the precept in the spring.

This Committee is guided by the Financial Regulations which lay down the processes the Council must follow to ensure transparent accountability in all Council transactions.

The Members on this Committee also make up the following sub Committees:

  • ATC Property Sub Committee
  • Grants Sub Committee
  • Establishment Sub Committee