Planning & Footpaths Committee

Planning & Footpaths Committee Members

  • Councillor H. Maitland-Jones (Chair)
  • Councillor A. Lamont (Vice Chair)
  • Councillor R. Dineley
  • Councillor M. Dormer
  • Councillor J. Keeler
  • Councillor P. Milliner
  • Councillor M. Roberts
  • Councillor S. Scott-James
  • Councillor A. Seymour
  • Councillor S. Woodhead

This Committee reviews all the major planning applications in Amersham. The Council is a consultee but does not have the power to make any final decisions.

The Committee also monitors tree applications; licence applications; appeals and appeal decisions. Footpaths and matters concerning the open spaces of Amersham will also be debated by this Committee.