Amersham Town Mayor

Town Mayor for 2019-2020 – Councillor Mark Flys

Councillor Mark Flys, Mayor of Amersham at the Annual Statutory Meeting of the Town Council in May 2019.

Deputy Town Mayor for Dec 2019-2020 – Councillor Andrew Seymour

Councillor Andrew Seymour, elected as Deputy Mayor of Amersham at Finance and General Purposes Committee Meeting on Monday 9th December 2019.

About the New Mayor:

Mark is an Amersham local. He was born in Amersham (Weller Road) and attended St Georges school before moving on to Chestnut Lane and Elangeni, each in their first year’s of existence. He then attended Dr Challoners Grammar School before leaving at aged 16 to complete a 4 year apprenticeship at Halstans in Amersham as a printer.

Mark now has a 34 year career in Out of Home advertising and runs a global non-profit trade federation which includes outdoor advertising companies JCDecaux and Clear Channel. He travels regularly, and often speaks at international advertising conferences.

Mark is married with two adult children and, having lived in Amersham for virtually his whole life, feels a deep connection to the area. His first jobs as a teenager were cleaning cars in a local garage and shelf stacking in local supermarkets as well as helping the Round Table with the Carnival and putting up the Christmas lights in Sycamore Road!

He feels particularly strongly about local over development and about protecting the historic buildings in our town.

Mark is a keen guitarist, playing regularly in a covers band and also taught guitar for many years, both privately and occasionally in local schools.

As the new Town Mayor, Mark will aim to continue the good work of his predecessor, Cllr Caroline Jones.

To Contact the Mayor:

If you would like to get in touch with the Mayor or perhaps you are hosting an event and would like to invite the Mayor to attend, please contact the Town Council Office on 01494 434000 or via email